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Keep it Clean Plastic Waste: Global Crisis
Plastic waste is now an issue of global magnitude.  Our planet is in critical condition as precious land, as well as our oceans, are being converted to dumping grounds for inordinate quantities of non-biodegradable waste.  Experts have issued their warning: the world-wide reduction of plastic waste is paramount to our continued survival and the survival of future generations.

Solution: Biodegradability
Biodegradability is a technology for degrading plastics safely and efficiently. This technology acts on plastics that are disposed of in a biologically active environment (e.g. compost). The breakdown of this material occurs through a non-toxic chemical process that ultimately allows microbes to digest and eliminate the otherwise harmful, non-biodegradable elements of plastic. Biodegradable technologies differ from degradable and oxodegrable technologies. Here, primary degradation depends on any combination of light, heat, stress and air - and then microbial consumption begins... Read more

Degradable Plastics: Forecasts to 2010 & 2015

Demand to register double-digit advances through 2010
Degradable plastic demand in the US is projected to grow 12 percent annually to 335 million pounds in 2010, valued at $480 million. Gains will reflect broader applications brought about by a more competitive pricing structure, improved performance characteristics, the continued development of degradability standards, and consumer education as to the benefits of these materials. Prospects will continue to improve as markets emerge and the prices and properties of degradable plastics begin to approximate those of conventional polymers such as polyethylene terephthalate, polypropylene and polystyrene. However, composting networks must also be expanded since degradability, while being an environmental benefit, is not of superior value in a predominantly discard-to-landfill scenario.

Green Club Inc.
Green Club Inc. is the North American distributor for E2S® additives which degrade polymers.
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E2S® -a visionary, easy-to-use and safe solution for the problem of plastic waste.
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Green Club Inc. believes in a cleaner and greener planet.
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