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Process of Degradation || Strength of the Technology ||  
  Process of Degradation
The E2S® System offers an overall eco-intelligent end-product with the target of a complete biodegradable system. E2S® is a thermo-oxidative additive system for polyolefin. In a compost environment the temperature and oxygen present will initiate the molecular breakdown of the polymer which will result in:
  1. Thermo-oxidative and/ or photo-oxidative breakdown of the polymer chains, thus weakening the mechanical properties and making the surface hydrophilic to assist in direct microbial digestion.
  2. Microbial digestion of the direct biodegradable components providing greater surface for the bio-process.
  3. Microbial digestion of the polymer fragments to H2O, CO2 and biomass. No toxic breakdown components are created.
Synergy with CaCO3 (Calcium Carbonate)
• The presence of CaCO3 increases UV degradation by up to 66% (CNEP)
• E2S® only needs to degrade the polyolefin component of the composite
• Energy / Environmental aspects
• The higher the CaCO3 the lower the total used energy

Strength of the Technology
• Ultimate biodegradability.
• Conventional raw materials.
• Lowest energy input.
• Use of natural modifiers like minerals and fibers.
• No Methane production as in other direct bio-degradable products under anaerobic composting conditions.
• No toxic by-products are created during production, storage, use and deposition.
• Waste volume reduction to biomass down to 10% - 20% of the original value in weight. More by volume.
• Does not affect the properties of valuable humus
• Fumes resulting from the incineration of E2S® modified polyolefins has no environmentally negative or toxic effect.